SEO mastery for the business owner

SEO Mastery for the business owner

What is SEO mastery for the business owner and how can we achieve it.

SEO Mastery for the business owner explained

SEO mastery for the business owner is having an understanding of what drives your web page to top spot and therefore doing something about it.
First of all the thing that needs clearing up is that websites do not get top spot. It’s not going to happen.

What achieves top spots is web pages, yes individual pages that are structured correctly.
Therefore if you want a spot in a hurry you can buy your position with Ad-clicks but if you are like me paying over $10 per click is not on. No return on ROI

Probably the next quickest way is with a YouTube video. Done correctly this should arrive on page one in 55% of cases and that is fantastic.

Forget everything you know about SEO

OK the next thing is SEO and if you have studied this for a few years forget all your text book learning. It has changed.

Good Quality material will always, well nearly always win but their are other things you must consider as well.
First of all good quality Keywords always help and ones that are not in the top bracket of searches. Certainly location based keywords helps with the problem.

Therefor having the Key word in your heading is also a winner and in the Meta description. This should be well constructed  and solve a problem for your audience.

As a result with these four things in place you are almost guaranteed  a high position in life ms project cloud alternative.

Being an expert in your field also helps and this is where your posts come into action. You need to establish an identity and it will take about 20 posts to establish any credibility with Sir Google.


So what do we have;

Keyword, Title and Meta description all containing the keyword.
Good clear site and interesting information
A range of Posts
A link back to your main page.
Use your keyword on the page but don’t over stuff it


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