market my business on line

Market my business on line

Market my business on line is a hope for many and a fact for few because most simply don’t understand what is required.

Times have changed so quickly that the new methods are now so yesterday in their approach to the market.
That  my friends is why I penned market my business on line.

In my training course at CoachHanley I set out to show you that no one method could achieve a goal of obtaining great results.

Take Action

It is evident that if you rely on a single or dual marketing platform you will be placed at the risk of the elements of failure.
Generally a webpage will deliver about 30 % of your business leads. When google changes direction what happens to you?

You will be  taken from page one to page ten over night and your principle source of leads is gone.

When you are on a busy road and the road changes and you end up on a dead end, or in a shopping centre next to a premium store and they move.

Major elements of change happen and you, as a small business owner are left with the result and have no way to go.

What I promote in my course is insurance.Take Action by building your piers of  support.

Your business must have many sources of traffic

Your business must flow from at least 20 sources that are regularly attended to deliver new business opportunities.
It might be Facebook or Pinterest even Twitter but it could well be newsletters, SMS messages or membership sites.

When you use them correctly they  will deliver great returns over time.

Yes we all need a hero performer, our dominant traffic source  that will supply the bulk of our leads.

You also need the other pillars to each supply a small amount of the total .
Imagine when your 20 sources deliver just 2% of your traffic each per  month.

You will  then self assure against loss of business.

Peter Hanley

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