Inbound SMS numbers

Inbound SMS numbers

How to have  in-bound SMS numbers for your business and have them work for you.

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Inbound SMS

Having inbound SMS numbers is not at all complicated and consequently it can generate really good traffic.
In addition you will gain sales and importantly save a bundle of time.
This forms one of your pillars to market as discussed on Take Actionand is part of a package of over 20 ways to market.


You can buy this product from a carrier  (they are not all equal) and obtain a virtual Mobile phone number that delivers text messages to your nominated email address.

The Email pops up on your screen and you action a result, in fact in many cases we institute an automated answer that states something along the lines of,

“we have received your message and It will be action-ed.

“ Your cancellation is noted , please remember to re-book your visit.”

Because SMS is really the normal with the young and active  it provides many benefits to you.

Important, you have a record of all the calls, any nominated staff can have a visual of it and no phone is involved, it is really good.

Labour saving

This is the big one, it makes you money.

A working example;

Therefore when a customer calls your business, first up they may get put on hold ( worse is line busy) taking up their time and blocking your phone system for other calls.
You then ask what they want and again put them on hold as you wander the store looking for a widget.

Yep we have a widget hold the line while I get you a price, OK you have to confirm with your boss just call me back.
SMS “ have you got a widget and how much?” Reply SMS in store at $100 will I hold it for you?

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Girl at computer using inbound SMS numbers

List building.

As a result every one that uses the SMS is a broadcast client.

“Members only Stock take special this weekend” sent out when things are quiet.
You can simply harvest those incoming numbers and build a separate list of users.

Valuable asset.

A good list of clients quickly becomes a real business asset that is used to generate business by broadcasting information.
In a sale of your business when you show the list and results it obtains, it achieves a place of its own that can really increase the value of your business.

Training your clients.

It is true you will need to train your clients to use the number and share it with their workmates.

Consequently when it gets going it is a great tool. I normally have cards printed and use as a hand out.
You can also print the number on your invoices, have an in-store sign and word of mouth encouraging people to put it into the phone memory.

Social media effect

It addition it goes on your Facebook, on Twitter, Linkedin and your newsletter. Furthermore it can be listed in bold on your webpage and perhaps building signs for free advertising.Get your inbound SMS number here.

Extra sales.

There is no doubt that most people want results “now” and easy access. Hence If they can get it they will use it in preference to any other means.
Furthermore They will also tell others and you gain a viral growth of new business.

Cost effective


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Finally the cost for an inbound SMS number can vary but here in Australia it is generally less than $50 a month with no inbound call costs.

There generally are no long term contracts. Automated reply messages at a volume rate. Contact me for our special deal.

In conclusion I recommend an inbound SMS to any and every business.

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