create free web page

Create free web page

So you want to create a free web page?

Well so do I, and it would be a wonderful thing if it was at all possible to create free web page. It costs lots of money.

This is part of a series from my Take Action product.

Don’t despair though , let me explain a bit more because all the promises of FREE are misleading but you can do it on the cheap or low down payments as they say.

Domain name?

What the? In case you don’t know It is your web address your www.whoamI Check This and you have to buy it. Dur. Did they forget to tell you that? It is not expensive though, Go Daddy, name cheap etc will see you out-of-pocket by about $10 for a year. Next year you might pay a bit more because you get suckered in with a cheap entry so you need to check this.


A parking spot for a domain. GVO, GoDaddy, Wealthy affiliate ( freeby from me) and any amount of others.My number one tip is get hosting where you can ;

a)  Have more than one website, you will do this again the first      is just a training exercise.
b) Get some good training included so you know what you are     doing.
Pick number one is wealthy affiliate, you can buy a domain cheap, host it for free and join the club.
You will however upgrade at sometime to take some of the advantages.Number two is GVO minor cost but good hosting.

Website; contains several pages has a static front page and can be searched by your domain.

Blog Page;

Front page shows current blogs and is usually about you or an interest.

Funnel, Squeeze page or sign up is simply a page to capture your name and email and shift you somewhere else.

Build a webpage is next. WordPress is free but it does take a bit of learning along the way. Wealthy will help you , GVO will support you but if you really want to learn it will cost you a Dollar, like it pay a bit more. I have tried all sorts of sites and without a doubt this one takes the cake in a to z building a site that will sell for you. It will even find a product and income if you want help.

yep right here, have a look and make up your own mind

So I recon you can actually do this for about $10 and some ongoing hosting as you grow.
Therefore , and important, some training by Rob Cornish.

This may come with a small cost but you will have a good looking site in about three days. Took me about a day to fast pace the training and put it into action and boy was I happy with the result. Take Action

A lot to learn

The Internet and website and hosting is a lot to learn a great cheap SEO Tip is to use Plugins that I think take the cake       ( Don’t understand , you will because Rob will teach you) are SEO by Yoast. This provides stop lights on your page. Red is awful, orange is perhaps getting there and when you get the green light you will punch the air with delight. The other is JetPack so you can see visitors to your site plus other bits.

The good news they are free.

That’s it, you really need to dig in before you know much more and find out what you don’t know.
You must have some training so trust ROB , if you don’t like it ask for your money back.

create free web page is like a car without petrol, it goes no where.

Peter Hanley

Business Master

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